Black and white portrait photograph of a man

What do you see in your portrait?

We all have an idea of how we look, how the world sees us, and how we would like to be seen.

I’ve been shooting portraits for years now but they never get old or formulaic.

Why is that? Well partly it’s because we are all so very different, and that is the beauty of it.

We are informed by our upbringing, friends and family, lifestyles, work, our beliefs and passions and experiences. They shape us and, I believe, manifest over time in how we look.

Capturing that look in a moment of life affords a glimpse into one’s soul and tells the world something about you.

If you are thinking of having a shoot for work, to place on the social, with family or friends, a private engagement or a company event get in touch at or 07768 501801 for a free consultation and quote.

I am always on the lookout for new commissions, partnerships, challenges and adventures, so do get in touch.

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